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Boarding & Daycare

In today's life, leaving our pets alone is not always an option. An emergency, a long-planned vacation, or even the day to day hazzle of work might get you thinking about the best scenario for your loved companion. Our Boarding and Daycare services are designed to ensure that we provide attention, care and wellness during their stay.


We make sure our guests have always water available and that their food portions and schedule is observed. When they stay over for at least 7 nights, we include a bath and brushing (free of cost!); and you can always decide to add a grooming or additional services to their stay.

* Staying over-night is considered boarding, regardless of the drop-off / pick-up time. Charge is every 24 hours, staying more time after checkout and before an additional night will be charged as daycare.

Staying over

Many of our visitors enjoy the benefit of not being in an overcrowded space. We are a closed environment boarding service, great option for pets that have not been fully socialized or that require a safe space to rest and interact. Usually elderly pets and under recovery require a private space to ensure their well being. Please let us know what kind of needs your pet has.

We comply with your feeding and caring requirements, including treatments that you are currently providing for them. Walks are organized three times a day (8-10am, 1-3 pm, and 6-8 pm), they are performed individually unless your pet is part of a family group.

Day Care

Day care is an excellent option for puppys who are getting used to a new environment, elderly pets who can't be left alone due to needed care or lack of control, or simply for those furry friends that require more attention while you are out working hard during your day.

When you leave them with us on Day Care, we tend to their needs and make sure that they are fed and walked, patiently awaiting your return.  Day care drop off time is between 8:00 and 9:30 am and pickup time is between 6:00-7:30 pm.

^ Daycare implies leaving your pet with us during day working hours. Price is set, regardless of the time of stay.
Overnight stay is considered boarding.

We need a copy of your pet's rabbies vaccination record in order to receive him/her. Base cost asumes our guests come with their own food, if not, we can provide a generic brand - at a minor additional cost. Personal toys, cushions, dishes, blankets and bedding are always welcomed... whatever your think will make them feel at home!

Pickup and Drop off hours are strict during Sunday and Monday or on Holidays, the rest of the week our grooming staff can check them in or out between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm as well.

Please be advised that our prices are per pet per day of stay.


Our caring staff will make sure your dog has a vacation as great as yours!

Dog Running in Water

Daycare & Boarding Prices

Food is not included in prices. Every pet must bring their own food, or we can provide a generic brand at an additional cost. Current vaccination records are required by law.

Dogs with trainer

Dog's Day Care

Drop Off & Pick Up only by appointment, on the same day between 8 am and 7 pm - Price per pet per day during working hours.

 0 - 28 lbs $18 

28 - 45 lbs $20 

45 - 65 lbs $24

66 - 80 lbs $32

80 lbs or more $42      

If you can't pick up your pet by the end of the business day, and the stay extends overnight, it will be charged at boarding rate.

Cute Pug on Sofa

Dog's Boarding

We require a get-to-know first for first time guests. Drop-Off & Pick-Up only by appointment. Prices per night, per pet.

  0 - 25 lbs  $26   

 26 - 50 lbs $29   

 51 - 75 lbs  $33   

76 - 100 lbs $36   

100 + lbs    $40  

We charge for every 24 hrs. If stay extends over 24 hours we charge $14 (daycare fee) for 1/2 additional day. If stay extends additional nights we use the full boarding price.

Scottish Fold Kitten

Other Pets

We accept other pets (Cats, Bunnies and other mammals). Small pets other than cats require the owner to bring their own kennel or cage.

                           Day    Board

Cats                     $18      $24

Bunnies w/cage     $16      $24

Small pet w/cage   $16      $20

We charge for every 24 hrs. If stay extends over 24 hours we charge $14 (daycare fee) for 1/2 additional day. If stay extends additional nights we use the full boarding price.

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