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About us

We have been in business for over 10 years now, with a loyal client base and the opportunity to care for many of our customer's pets since they were just puppies.  We recently changed management and are quite open to receive your feedback in order to continue improving in our services.

The team is not only great at their jobs, but also passionate about our vision, which is to provide a safe environment where your pet can relax, feel loved and get prettier! Caring for their grooming is not only about looks, it is a healthy habit that ensures less infections, healthier skin, and happier moods (both for the pet and its owner!)

It's about the experience

Every pet is different, and going to the groomer can be a stressful or a pleasent experience. We believe in providing the best alternatives during our treatments so that your pet feels comfortable and enjoys the stay.  At Boarding & Day Care we get to know them better and provide the needed care and companionship to help them relax and delight.

Our holding company is Loyal Companion LLC, and we believe the best way to treat our pets is to provide them with the best care we can offer.


“They do a great job on our 2 little Shih Tzu's. Jack never looked more handsome than this week when he came home meticulously groomed.  

They are very knowledgeable as well and take into consideration any special needs your dog may have.

As for pricing, I feel they are more than fair.”

Larry G.   Tampa, FL

Claudia Varela

Owner & Manager

“Love this place! I'm very particular about the way my dog gets groomed, and Jennifer nailed it. He looked great and didn't seem overly stressed when I picked him up, which says a lot about any animal facility.


Everyone was incredibly sweet and seemed to really enjoy the work they were doing with the dogs. On top of that, they were very quick and nearly half the price of when we used other providers.”​

Sara P.  Saint Petesburg, FL.

"I brought in our GS Gia today and wanted to thank everyone for the great job they did with her... since she had her surgery, being a large breed, and 11 years old, was nice to call someone and they said yes to taking care of her.

I appreciate everything that was done for Gia and I will be back."

Mitchell P.  Tampa Bay, FL

We are proud of our team!

Whether it's bathing, grooming, caring, feeding, or playing with them, our team takes pride in having your pets in our care; and we are proud of them as well. At Otto's we have a highly commited group that will ensure we pay attention to their every need and well being. We invite you to meet them and always let us know how we can improve our work.

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