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Taking care of your pet's coat is more than just looks and smells. Healthy pets need grooming to improve skin's well-being, avoid ear and paw infections, cleanse teeth and reduce other illnesses provoked by allergens, dirt, matted fur and humidity.  And, yes, they enjoy it because shampoos sooth the skin and de-matting, brushing and grooming their coat makes them feel lighter and fresher.


ABBC's of our work:


It all starts with a clean slate. The coat of your pet needs to get thoroughly clean; depending on each one, we use different shampoos that are both appealing to your friend, as well as treating their skin for specific needs like allergies, sensitiveness or even fleas. You are always welcome to bring their own shampoo, we like to treat our guests the best way we can according to doctor's orders. With the bath we always include Anal Expression and Nail Trimming.


Brushing & Blow Drying:

A key factor to keep your pet's skin healthy is to brush them constantly; it

invigorates the follicles and removes unwanted knots and dirt particles. 

After their bath, brushing our guests allows us to untangle their coat

and bring out its full color.  Another  reason why

brushing your dog’s coat on a regular basis is

very important is that it helps to prevent

bacterial buildup.

As your dog sheds fur, they are also shedding

dead skin cells. If dead hair and skin cells are

not removed, they get caught in the deep

layers of a dog’s fur.

We use specialized equipment to dry out the

coat and ensure all unwanted humidity is gone.

With age, some of our furry friends get agitated with blow drying, so we have alternative methods to let them dry in a comfortable and relaxed way. Drying their coat allows for a more precise grooming process.


There are many styles and preferences when it comes to trimming your pet's hair. A couple of things to keep in mind and which affect the time we need to invest and the complexity of the cut, basically it depends on:

  • The size of your pet - the bigger the pet, more work is needed to bathe and trim

  • The length of the cut - Short cuts (below 1") require less work than Long cuts (above 1") and we even do Specialty cuts (on request).

  • Additional requests that might include deep cleaning their ears, grinding their nails and even applying nail polish!

Our staff takes pride in their work and will keep in mind your pet's health and your specific requests in the best way possible. We look forward to having your loved ones visit us soon.

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Call now to make an appointment!

We are glad to say that our shop gets quite busy with all our visitors. We advise you to call and make an appointment several days ahead, to ensure we can take care of your pet.


Walk-In's are accepted for Nail Trimming, between 9 am and 3 pm.

Depending on how busy we are there might be a short waiting time for Walk-in Nail Trimming.

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